5 Digital Marketing Tips For Growth in 2021

Facebook Retargeting Ads 99% of people who visit a website looking at a product or service are NOT ready to buy. So what happens to these people? They have obviously shown interest in your business offerings and so qualifies them as good quality leads. Once they leave your website, the vast majority of businesses have

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A Website’s Role

Let’s talk about your website… The BIGGEST misconception that business owners have about their website is thinking it’s a be-all, end-all solution to their lead generation problems. They have too many other things on their plate and haven’t had the time to research and understand what the actual role of your website needs to be

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5 Essentials for Ranking on Google in 2021

Google’s website has one goal: to answer your questions as accurately as possible. Seems simple enough right? Well actually, it’s not simple. It’s very, very complicated. There are thousands of websites that all want to give an answer and if you want to be the first result, you need to show Google that your answer

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