5 Digital Marketing Tips For Growth in 2021

Facebook Retargeting Ads

99% of people who visit a website looking at a product or service are NOT ready to buy. So what happens to these people?

They have obviously shown interest in your business offerings and so qualifies them as good quality leads. Once they leave your website, the vast majority of businesses have no way of bringing them back at all, lost forever.

Following in from the first point, implementing a Remarketing strategy on Facebook and Instagram will show advertisements showing your business, the products they were looking at, some reasons why they should contact you today, etc.

SSL Certificate

Security and Privacy has been a super hot topic these last few years. Many people avoid using services that are labelled as unsecure, and if you don’t have an SSL certificate on your website, guess what! Your site is also unsecure!

Not only does an SSL certificate build trust with customers, it also gets a ranking boost from Google as it prioritises results with SSL certificates over those without, in general.

SSL Certificates can range in cost from Free to $300+ depending on what you need it for, but the majority of the website will only need a standard SSL Certificate. These come free with most premium web hosting plans, so make sure you have a good website host!

Mobile Responsiveness

Google has announced that they are rolling out a “Mobile First” approach in their search engine results. This means that websites will be ranked based on the content and performance of their mobile site rather than their desktop site. Mobile versions of websites have been neglected by many businesses and only some website development agencies actually design with “Mobile First” in mind.

The truth is more than 50% of users now search on their mobile devices over desktops. This means that if your website’s mobile version is not mobile optimised, you are simply losing business, and losing more and more every day.

If you don’t have a truly mobile-friendly website, it’s time to talk to a website developer this week!

List Building

Many businesses have potential clients slipping through their fingers as they don’t have an automated way of collecting email addresses. Think about the ways your business receives email addresses: contact forms, email enquiries, booking reservations, lead magnets, etc.

Making sure that you are making the most of every email address is critical for nurturing potential customers up to the point that they are ready to buy.

Collecting email addresses also helps diversify marketing efforts so that you don’t become reliant on a single marketing channel (like Google or Facebook) which can easily, and often does, change their algorithms which can seriously disrupt your business.

Video Content

Video is by far the most attention-grabbing type of content out there. Many social platforms have made a move and heavy emphasis on video content in recent years and it is just getting bigger with the rise of Facebook Live, Facebook Watch, Twitch.tv exploding in popularity and youtube.com solidly maintaining its position as the second most visited website after google.com.

Conveying your brand message in a clear and understandable way that evokes an emotional response from your customer is best done using a combination of scripted video and audio.


Josh Oastler

Founder and chief strategist at Nifto Digital. Having spent years working in different small businesses and marketing agencies, Josh’s insights are from real-world experience.

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